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Family Lawyer Long Beach

We understand that when dealing with a family law issue, you need supportive, compassionate counsel

and a representative who can fight on your behalf.

Many of the situations that call for a family lawyer entail some of the most difficult trials we ever have to face. The qualified, experienced attorneys at Family Lawyer Long Beach will fight hard to protect your rights! Giving you, one less thing to worry about.

Every family is unique, so every case that comes through our door produces its own challenges and needs. Our attorneys are experienced in handling a wide range of issues ranging from divorce, child custody, child support, probates & living trusts as well as planning for your family’s future.

If you need a
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Recovering from divorce is about building a new life for yourself, and our attorneys are ready to help you shape that new life legally.

When it comes to dividing marital assets and establishing spousal and child support,
we are ready to give you guidance on how to get what you need in the simplest, most cost-effective way possible.

Our attorneys are ready to negotiate on your behalf to help you retain what is yours and find the best way to move on.

Child Custody

Emotionally and legally, custody of children is the most complex aspect of divorce.

Arrangements made between parents will have a profound effect on the future lives of everyone in your family, so the attorneys at Family Lawyer Long Beach are prepared to guide you through the implications of decisions regarding your children and the enforcement of agreements between parties regarding custody.

You have your child’s best interest at heart, and we are here to help you fight for them in the most reasonable and effective ways possible.

Child & Spouse Support

Financial support of spouses and children often plays a major role in divorce proceedings,

and our Family Lawyer Long Beach attorneys understand these agreements from all angles.

Even well after a divorce is finalized, support can continue to be a contentious issue between former spouses.

That’s why our attorneys work hard to execute fair, balanced, and realistic agreements in new cases, arrangements needing modification,
and issues of collection.

Domestic Violence & Restraining Orders

Disputes among family members can lead to tense, emotionally charged situations.

These dynamics can easily lead to violence and also the accusation of violence.

As your advocate in the court of law, our attorneys will advise you on the ways the legal system can keep you safe and how to best handle an accusation.

Our expertise and experience is here to help guide you through these troubling events.

Wills, Probates & Living Trusts

Your current financial situation has enormous impact on the lives of your family members, and it’s important that proper legal structures are in place to keep your money secure and in the right hands.

No one wants to consider the possibility of an untimely death, but for the sake of your loved ones,
establishing lasting financial protection is a necessity.

We will work with you to create a plan that benefits and protects those closest to you,
giving everyone in your life peace of mind against the unexpected.

Family Lawyer Long Beach